There are a vast number of women across the globe that have contributed throughout history to the built environment and to the advancement of the disciplines of architecture and design. Many of them have no presence in publications or social media and it is imperative that they are reached before their work, the only record of their contributions, disappears and their histories with it. 

The international call, 1×1, seeks to collect one original artifact made by every woman in architecture and in design around the world. This ongoing initiative invites all women in architecture and the design related fields to contribute a singular, original piece. 

Each piece submitted will become part of the 1×1 Collection to be archived and preserved in the IAWA. Please include your CV and a handwritten paragraph describing how the piece sparked a breakthrough in your education or practice. 

Original (not copies of) flat work may include: a sketch, a drawing, a diagram, a collage, a print, a screen print, a photograph, an outline or synopsis of written work, an academic project prompt, among others. There are no size restrictions for the piece, the only requirement for the chosen artifact is that it has prompted a relevant breakthrough, highlighting a revelatory moment. 

Become part of this wonderful collection and please act as a bridge. Encourage other women in your global network to contribute to the 1×1 Collection. Men in architecture and design please join in this effort by sharing the call with women in your architecture and design network. Thank you.

Please mail original flatwork, handwritten paragraph, your CV and a deed of gift to:

IAWA Center

C/o Prof. Paola Zellner

School of Architecture + Design (MC 0205)

201 Cowgill Hall, Virginia Tech

1325 Perry St., Blacksburg, VA, 24061

United States

If you need to contact us please send your email to:

Paola Zellner: