The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize of $5000

A two-stage research award
September 2022

With important contributions made by women at large architecture firms fundamentally unknown, research that documents this information is urgent. This year, the IAWA Center calls for proposals for the 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize of $5000 through a two-stage process. The final prize will recognize the best published or publication-ready manuscript that researches a woman or women that made significant contributions to the field through their work practicing at large firms anywhere in the world in the second half of the 20th century. To initiate the 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize, The IAWA invites proposals from professionals and scholars for a project that will result in publication-ready articles, chapters, books, manuscripts, dissertations, or exhibition catalogs or work-in-progress presentations that recognize women’s contributions in architecture as framed above. The 500-word proposal shall provide an overview of the selected topic within its context, and describe the work to be conducted during the second stage. The first stage of the two-stage process will conclude with the selection of up to five projects. Each of the five selected will receive an award of $500 and advance to the second stage. First Stage proposals will be due December 1, 2022. The work should be submitted as a PDF electronically by December 1, 2022 with the subject heading: The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize – 1st Stage. All proposals to be submitted in English. All submitted entries for the Prize will be retained and preserved in the IAWA Collections, designated the IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize collection. The selected five Stage 1 proposals are to be developed during the second stage, and will be due one year later, December 1, 2023.

The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize with an award of $5000 will be announced in January 2024 to be formally awarded during the 2024 IAWA Center Symposium in March at Virginia Tech where the recipient will present their project. To complete the record of the prize, a copy of the final published work must also be donated to the IAWA. The IAWA Mission encourages such research in addition to the goal of preserving archival materials related to the work of women who shaped the designed environment, thus preserving for prosperity a record of their achievements.

If further information is required, please contact Professor Donna Dunay at:

Submissions should be addressed to:
IAWA Center Executive Committee
ATTN: Donna Dunay, FAIA
Chair, International Archive of Women in Architecture
School of Architecture
1325 Perry Street
201 Cowgill Hall (0205)
College of Architecture, Arts, and Design
Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 24061
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Subject: The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize

2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize Schedule

September 2022 Announcement and call: The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize.

December 1, 2022 1st Stage Submissions due.

Mid-January 2023 Announcement of the 1st Stage Awards (up to five awards of $500 each). Five finalists work to the deadline for the 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize.

March 2023 The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize – 1st Stage Awardees are welcome and encouraged to present their proposals at the 2023 IAWA Symposium.

December 1, 2023 2nd Stage Submissions due.

Mid-January 2024 Jury convenes with announcement of The 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize.

March 2024 The winner of the 2024 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize – $5000 will present the final piece at the 2024 IAWA Symposium.